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Mass Spectrometry

There are two systems available in the Mass Spectrometry suite within the Paul O'Gorman Building - a Kratos AXIMA CFR MALDI-ToF and a Shimadzu LC-MS-ITToF.

Several different protocols can be run on these systems and they fall into 4 main categories:



Dr Carolyn Hyde
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1 - Mass Analysis

mass spec This can be done on either system.

The AXIMA CFR (a Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption - Ionisation Time of Flight Instrument) gives monoisotopic resolution of 3000 up to a mass of 6000. It can analyse masses up to approximate l150,000 Da both in positive and negative mode, very useful for determiation of intact proteins. Most sample types can be analysed with the use of the correct matrix.


mass spec The IT-ToF gives the added dimensions of chromatographic data and MSn data on each and every peak. It also has the added feature of formula prediction from a particular mass.

Please contact Cali to discuss your requirements.

mass spec



  UCL External  
Sample analysis on AXIMA 18.25 29.20 per sample
Sample analysis on IT-ToF 83.00 132.80 per hour

2 - Metabolite Identification

This is run on the It-ToF. There is a dedicated software package to help with this and the ability to do true MSn means that structural information can be elucidated. The accurate masses obtained enables the prediction of formula and this in turn leads to identification of the metabolites from a known parent compound.

metabolite identification



    UCL External  
Per Project   423.20 677.12 standing charge
    230.00 369.00 daily charge
    40.00 64.00 extra assistance / hour
one off samples   83.00 132.80 per hour

3 - Protein Analysis and Identification

Both systems can be used for this.

One of the commonly used techniques is Peptide Mass Fingerprinting. This utilises the AXIMA CFR and MASCOT. It is especially useful and quick if the protein is pure and you are looking for a final confirmation.

When using the LC-MS-IT-ToF system, the added dimension of chromatographic separation gives more information to be used for the database search. This is enhanced further by the collection of MSn data in both positive and negative modes.

For complex mixtures, it is always best to run the sample down a size exclusion column to separate out the components of the mixture.

metabolite identification



    UCL External  
Project cost standing charge 423.20 677.12 per project
  daily charge 230.00 368.00 per day
  extra assistance 40.00 64.00 per hour
IT-ToF costs (for one off samples) 83.00 132.80 per hour
AXIMA costs Peptide Mass Fingerprinting 40.00 64.00 per sample
  on membrane digests 245.00 392.00 per spot

Downloads and Links:

Matrix Science Website

Gel Band Sensitivity

4 - Tissue Imaging

This exciting new method utilises the AXIMA CFR and measures mass across a tissue sample. It generates a "heat map" for a particular mass, indicating where it is found within the sample. Very useful for the determination of where endogenous proteins are found and where drug molecules end up.

Tissue Imaging

Tissue Imaging



  UCL External
Per image 245.00 392.00