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Perkin Elmer Spinning Disc Confocal/Volocity

support The Perkin Elmer's revolutionary spinning-disk technology allows the system to scan the sample faster than any other available system - 1,000 times per second - yet provides superior image quality due to greater image averaging and a cooled ECCD camera. Its speed and low level light sensitivity makes it ideal for live cell confocal imaging - providing reduced photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity - allowing you to study cellular events for extended periods of time, either through brightfield, fluorescence or confocal imaging.

Its laser lines include: 405nm, 440nm, 488nm, 514nm, 568nm and 614nm - and it is capable of imaging 6 colours at once. All are subject to precision control through Volocity Acquisition software.

Additional Volocity™ Visualisation software allows you to manipulate data and volume-render, rotate and section in 3-D and 4-D. You can process confocal images captured as a stack of images at different focal points, and perform a number of other useful manipulations. Your time lapse studies can be made into QuickTime™ and AVI movies to help visualisation of the original confocal captured data.

Users are charged for using this system – and must be trained prior to conducting any experiments!

Training Scheduling and Costs

Training on this microscope consists of 2 hour sessions which users must complete 2 sessions Each two hour session costs £90 to cover the labour costs of trainer and usage of microscope. To arrange training please contact Tomas Adejumo or George Chennell.


Per-Hour UCL External
Use of Microscope £18.00 £35.00
Additional Labour £35.00 £35.00



Tomas Adejumo
020 7679 6895

George Chennell
020 7679 6757