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UCL Advanced Diagnostics (UCL-AD) is the immunohistochemistry, in situ and molecular diagnostics service arm of the UCL-Cancer Institute, and a bridge between the Cancer Institute and University College Hospitals NHS Trust (UCLH).

A 17 strong team of scientific and administrative staff provide accredited immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, molecular and digital pathology services throughout the UK and overseas. Testing in the range of 110,000 immunohistochemistry, 1000 in situ and 1000 molecular diagnostic tests per year for a whole spectrum of diseases.

With the drive towards personalized, targeted cancer treatments, recent advances in diagnostic testing have seen the expansion of UCL-AD molecular diagnostic services to include EGFR, KRAS and BRAF for lung, colorectal cancer and melanoma patients, together the analysis of the ALK fusion gene by fluorescent in situ hybridization for lung cancer patients.

As well as these new developments, we have also seen the translation of existing diagnostic tests, such as HER2 IHC and FISH expand their claims into different areas of pathology and oncology, where we now test routinely for both breast and gastric/gastro-esophageal junction cancers for potential inclusion of Herceptin (trastuzumab) into treatment regimens.

As part of the next generation of molecular testing, UCL-AD, together with the Cancer Institute, is investing in, and has a strategic program which will look to translate next generation sequencing technology into routine diagnostic practice. This program will look to evaluate the next generation sequencing and validate against the range of existing molecular and in situ assays to provide a comprehensive molecular screening service, for genetic targets with therapeutic links.

We strongly believe that rapid, accurate and cost effective diagnostic testing; enabling assignment of targeted therapeutics should be available to all cancer patients, providing pathologists, oncologists and clinicians alike with the best possible tools to aid in the diagnostic and therapeutic decision making process.

Update for 2012

As we approach 2012 we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update from UCL-Advanced Diagnostics. Over the last year we have continued to see an increase in the use of tissue biomarkers and molecular targets to complement morphological diagnosis. Traditional biomarkers used to determine tumour lineage are now increasingly complemented with biomarkers which provide information not only to the pathologist but also to the oncologist, aiding in crucial therapeutic decisions.

2012 will see the continued expansion of UCL-AD’s range of immunohistochemical, in situ and molecular tests, as new and novel antibodies, probes and molecular assays are translated from research, validated for clinical utility and offered to aid in diagnosis.

Continuous improvement in test quality, expanding menu, efficient turnaround time and cost effectiveness are our key drivers for the coming year.

2012 will see UCL-AD also offer for the first time special tinctorial stains to complement your immunohistochemistry as well as EGFR, KRAS and BRAF service.

2012 will also see’s the expansion of the UCL-AD Digital Pathology Service. This service continues to offer UCL-AD clients the option of viewing high quality digital images of immunohistochemical and in situ stained slides over the web, using a secure, high speed, managed browser. This service is designed to enable both improved turnaround time for urgent and routine samples and improved efficiency for external case review. For 2012 we add the addition of biomarker quantification by validated image analysis.


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Mr Michael Gandy
Head of Clinical & Research Services
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Mrs Philippa Jones
Clinical Services Manager
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Ms Jennifer Paterson
Research Services Manager
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