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General papers

  • Dragomira Nikolova and Draga Toncheva, RNA Intereference-Regulations and Application in Oncology. 2008. J Cancer Mol. 4(3) 67-77
  • Rene' Bernards et al, shRNA libraries and their use in cancer genetics. 2006. Nature Methods. 3 (9) 701-706.

Retroviral plasmids and packaging info papers

  • Salmon P and Trono D 2006 "Production and Titration of Lentiviral Vectors" Current protocols in Neuroscience Vol 4.21.1-4.21.24
  • Zufferey R et al. 1997. Nature Biotech Vol 15, 871-5.
  • Bainbridge JW et al. 2001. Gene Ther Vol 8, 1665-8.
  • Besnier C, Takeuchi Y & Towers G 2002. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Vol 99, 11920-5.

Library screening papers

Positive screens:

  • Identify shRNA in cells that survive a particular selective screen because a particular gene is knocked down

  • Westbrook T et al 2005 "A Genetic Screen for Candidate Tumor Suppressors Identifies REST" Cell, Vol. 121, 837–848.
  • Gazin C et al 2007 "An elaborate pathway required for Ras-mediated epigenetic silencing" Nature Vol 449: 1073-1077.
  • Gobeil S, et al 2008 "A genome-wide shRNA screen identifies GAS1 as a novel melanoma metastasis supressor gene" Genes and Development 22: 2932-2940.

Negative (dropout) screens:

  • Identify shRNA that modify the cell proliferation in either a positive or negative manner in a complex population

  • Silva JM et al 2008 " Profiling Essential Genes in Human Mammary Cells by Multiplex RNAi Screening" Science Vol 319, 617-620
  • Schlabach M et al 2008 "Cancer Proliferation Gene Discovery Through Functional Genomics" Science Vol 319, 620-624

General screening information:

  • Nathan Blow 2008 "RNAi technologies: a screen whose time has arrived" Nature Methods Vol 5 (4), 361-368
  • Fewell GD and Schmitt K 2006 "Vector-based RNAi approaches for stable, inducible and genome-wide screens" Drug Discovery Today Vol 11 (21/22) 975-982



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