UCL Cancer Institute


We have 3 Shimadzu analytical systems. These are all equipped with Auto samplers, Diode Array Detectors and Fraction collectors and can be used in Isocratic or Gradient mode. The systems are used principally for synthetic product characterisation and chromatography based bio-assays. One System is fitted with a Fluorimeter and one a cooled autosampler for temperature dependant assays. All are currently based in the Paul O'Gorman Building.

There are two options available when using the HPLC systems: either 'self service' (after training) where you run your own samples or we can run your samples for you. Method development, as well as training, is available.


Wolfson and Cancer Institute staff please book Via W.O.R.M.S, other UCL staff and external users please contact us for booking.

Please come and discuss your requirements beforehand.


UCL External
Analytical (per sample) £12.60 £16.80
Preparative £13.80 £18.40
Training £55.00 £81.00
Additional Labour £40.00 / hour £64.00 / hour



Dr Carolyn Hyde
020 7679 6769