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Open Biosystems pGIPZ shRNAmir library

We have the Human and Mouse Open Biosystems GIPZ shRNAmir lentiviral libraries. Both libraries contain over 100,000 active clones, each containing a unique hairpin to target knockdown of genes within the Human and Mouse genomes respectively.


The design of the hairpins contained within the GIPZ vector is based on the endogenous mir-30. By mimicking an endogenous RNA, the GIPZ hairpin is efficiently processed in vivo allowing for a more effective knockdown of your gene of interest.

GIPZ vector design

The GIPZ lenti-vector contains various features to allow effective expression, tracking and versatility of your hairpins.

These features include:

  • CMV (Pol II) promotor
  • Turbo GFP to mark shRNAmir expression
  • Puromycin selectable marker
  • Lentiviral vector to allow successful transduction of primary, non-dividing and other difficult to transduce cells.




Catherine King




Please refer to the GE website for further information about our libraries.