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Molecular Interaction Analysis

The Biacore T100 enables you to determine specificity, affinity, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters for protein interactions with a variety of partners, from small molecules to intact cells. You obtain unique information on one system, label free and in real time!

The T100 can be used to:

  • Help elucidate disease mechanisms;
  • Select the best antibodies as research tools, assay components or therapeutics;
  • Find potential drug or diagnostic targets;
  • Develop assays for interactions with low molecular weight compounds;
  • Select protein therapeutic candidates according to their thermodynamic properties and on/off rates;
  • Detect and characterise immune responses during pre-clinical and clinical development and
  • Characterise protein therapeutics and implement quality control methods.


All users must have attended a Biacore Basics Training Course before they can use the instrument. These will be run in-house every 4 - 6 weeks (maximum number of people per course is 6) or can be booked off - site with Biacore direct. More in depth courses on Kinetics are available from Biacore, please see their web site for details.


UCL External
Use of T100 £150 £240
Training £250 £400
Additional Labour £40.00 / hour £64.00 / hour



Dr Carolyn Hyde
020 7679 6769



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