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Cancer affects one in three individuals in the U.K., and one in four will die from this disease.

"Our mission is to defeat cancer by supporting research within the UCL Cancer Institute."

The UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust supports the work of the UCL Cancer Institute. The Cancer Institute incorporates cancer research within the Paul O'Gorman Building in Huntley Street, the Haematology Department at the Royal Free Hospital, and the Clinical Research Facility at University College London Hospital.

Most recently, the Trust has raised £2.5 million towards a new Cancer Clinical Research Facility (CRF). The CRF will be a state-of-the-art facility for early phase clinical trails, as well as first-in-man trials of new anti-cancer drugs.

During the last 10 years, the Trust has funded personnel, facilities and equipment and collaborates with Cancer Research UK and other charities in developing the research.

With the opening of the new UCL Cancer Institute in 2007, there is an opportunity to double the number of cancer researchers at UCL, to focus on particularly difficult-to-treat cancers, and cancer types where UCL-affiliated hospitals have special clinical expertise. These include: paediatric and teenage cancers; sarcoma; head and neck cancer; neuroendocrine tumours; brain cancer; haematological malignancies including leukaemia and lymphoma. The aim is to recruit new research groups studying the biology and genetic basis of these cancers, and ultimately developing novel therapies.

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