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Potentially any person is at risk of danger while at work; it is how this risk is managed and controlled that is important.

Ensuring all persons health, safety and welfare is at the forefront of the Cancer Institute, while supporting the ongoing research within the Institute.

Health and Safety at the Cancer Institute involves:

  • Protecting staff, students and all persons who enter Institute premises from risks to their health or safety arising out of work activities.
  • Health and Safety policies for managing safety based on legislation which includes systems and procedures necessary to put the policy into effect.
  • Working with the competent safety officers based on all sites.
  • Ensuring all Cancer Institute staff are represented on the Institute Safety committee.
  • Advising on maintain records of risk assessments.
  • Performing regular audits and inspections of laboratory and office areas with documented reports available to all staff.
  • Investigating all reported accidents and incidents to identify the root cause and eliminate/minimise re-occurrence.
  • Co-ordinating with external safety bodies.
  • Performing bespoke safety inductions to new staff, students, visitors and contractors.
  • Identifying specific training needs of staff and students.
  • Providing a safety advisory service to all staff, students and visitors on health and safety issues.
  • Co-ordinating with Laboratory Operations Manager and Building Management team on Institute safety related issues.
  • Working with all staff to maintain high safety and operational standards.
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These are the types of incidents that our safety office is working to prevent.

Eye injury from glass while not wearing eye protection (external source)

Shattered glass within a rotary evaporator which exploded while in use (at UCL)