Cancer Institute Research-In-Progress meetings (CI-RIP)


title The purpose of the CI-RIP meetings is to facilitate the exchange of information between post-doctoral fellows from different labs, allowing CI members to learn about the research ongoing at the CI and find out about techniques or reagents that may be useful to your own research.

These meetings may perhaps identify unsuspected areas of overlap between apparently unrelated projects and ultimately encourage collaborations. They will also provide an opportunity to post-docs to practice their oral presentation skills in front of a friendly audience as well as facilitate social interaction between CI research fellows.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the research ongoing at the CI, speakers are encouraged to present a general overview of their project, explaining the questions addressed and methodologies used, but avoiding in depth descriptions meant for experts on the field.

It has to be emphasized that these meetings are meant to be informal presentations about research in progress (as opposed to ‘finished stories’) where post-docs can also talk if appropriate about ‘negative results’ and experimental problems.

Although initially only post-docs will present, anyone interested is welcome to attend and PhD students are particularly encouraged to do so.

Time, Date and Location

Enquiries to: Pablo Rodriguez-Viciana.E-mail: p.rodriguez-viciana{at}

The Cancer Institute Research in Progress meetings will take place at the Courtyard Café, POGB, with 2 scientists talking for 30' with 10' discussion each.