Cancer Institute Seminar Series 

Alison Lloyd seminar

Welcome to the first seminar in 2015 of the Cancer Institute Seminar Series.

UCL Cancer Institute Special Seminar
5.00pm, 29th January 2015
Courtyard Café, Paul O’Gorman Building

Prof Alison Lloyd

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, UCL, London

Links between the multicellular tissue repair response and tumourigenesis

Alison Lloyd

The research in Prof Lloyd’s laboratory focuses on two fundamental cell biological processes: Cell Growth and Tissue Regeneration and the role of these processes in cancer. The Lab uses the mammalian peripheral nervous system (PNS) as model system. The combination of primary in vitro culture systems and in vivo mouse models is used to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the homeostatic regulation of these processes and how they become deregulated in cancer.  

While Prof Lloyd work has broad implications for cancer biology, it also has direct relevance for the tumour predisposition syndrome, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1). In her talk, she will focus on the  complex multicellular response required for tissue repair in the adult and the relevance of these processes to tumourigenesis.

Alison Lloyd Research Group

The Seminar will be followed by a drinks reception.