UCL Cancer Institute

Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo MB ChB MSc FRCPath



Expertise & Research

  • Clinical Expertise: Gastrointestinal Pathology and Haematopathology, including molecular pathology
  • Research: Cancer in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Lymphomas
  • Member of the London Abdominal Sarcoma Service (Read more)


  • Undergraduate: liver and gastrointestinal pathology
  • I have lectured on the London Histopathology Trainees Day in GI Pathology, Biomedical Science Annual Meeting (2007), Westminster University, British Lymphoma Pathology annual meeting and Spanish Society of Anatomic pathology meeting.
  • I am tutor of two MSc (Cellular Pathology) students – University of Westminster
  • Coordinator ERASMUS programme – training of biomedical scientists in Histopathology


Selected Publications

  • Rodriguez-Justo M, Attygalle A, Munson P, Roncador G, Marafiotti T, Piris MA (2009). Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma with hyperplastic germinal centres: a neoplasia with origing in the outer zone of the germinal centre? Mod Pathol 22:753-61
  • Neild GH, Rodriguez-Justo M, Wall C, Connolly JO (2006) Hyper-IgG4 disease: report and characterization of a new disease.. BMC Medicine 2006,4:23
  • Punwani S, Rodriguez-Justo M, Bainbridge A, Greenhalgh R, De Vita E, Bloom S, Cohen R, Windsor A, Obichere A, Hansmann A, Novelli M, Halligan S, Taylor SA (2009).The mural inflammation in Crohn’s disease: location matched histological validation of MR imaging features Radiology
  • Guerra C, Collado M, Navas C, Schuhmacher AJ, Hernández-Porras I, Cañamero M, Rodriguez-Justo M, Serrano M, Barbacid M (2011). Pancreatitis-induced inflammation contributes to pancreatic cancer by inhibiting oncogene-induced senescence. Cancer Cell 19(6):728-39
  • Proctor IE, McNamara C, Rodriguez-Justo M, Isaacson PG, Ramsay A (2011). Importance of expert central review in the diagnosis of lymphoid malignancies in a regional cancer network. J Clin Oncol. 29(11):1431-5



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