UCL Cancer Institute


UCL Advanced Diagnostics (UCL-AD): Research & Clinical Pathology Support

Anatomical Pathology  Dr Alan W Bates

Genetics & Cell Biology of Sarcoma  Professor Adrienne M Flanagan

Translational Cancer Genetics  Dr Tim Forshew

Honorary and Clinical Staff

Professor Amar Paul Dhillon
Dr Mary Falzon
Dr Malcolm Galloway
Dr Sian Hughes
Professor Peter Isaacson
Dr Charles Jameson
Dr Teresa Marafioti
Dr Christopher Mcnamara
Dr Paul Mulholland
Professor Marco Novelli
Dr Karl-Johan Pluzek
Dr Alan Ramsay
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo
Dr Rosemary Scott
Dr Clive Wells
Dr Alison Winstanley
Professor Sir Nick Wright
Dr Martin Young