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New Students and the Online Log

To fulfil UCL’s commitment to the quality of its research programmes, the Graduate School provides the online Research Student Log for the use of all research students at UCL. The log allows your student to set research goals, record their achievements and training, assess their progress along a student timeline and document meetings with their supervisors. The Log is a mandatory component of all UCL research degree programmes. Both you and your student must work on this together; MPhil upgrades and applications for entry to examination will not be approved unless the log is satisfactorily completed. When your student completes a section, an e-mail will be generated asking for you to electronically sign off that you have read and agreed the information that they have entered. For your students to be able to select you as a supervisor within the online log database, you need to visit the online Research Student log website and sign in using your UCL login and password. The Graduate School runs a Skills Development Programme which is open to all graduate research students at UCL. The purpose of the programme is to give students the opportunity to expand their generic research skills and personal transferable skills. Students are encouraged to attend a minimum of two weeks training per calendar year.


Informal enquiries and general questions, to:

Graduate Tutor

Dr Julie Olszewski

Tel:+44 (0)20 7679 6911
E-mail: j.olszewski @ ucl.ac.uk