UCL Cancer Institute


Antibody Based Medicines  Professor Kerry Chester

Antibody Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy  Dr Surinder Sharma

Cancer Drug Development  Professor Tim Meyer

Cancer Research UK Drug-DNA Interactions Research Group  Professor John Hartley and
    Professor Daniel Hochhauser

Cell Signalling  Professor Bart Vanhaesebroeck

Head and Neck Cancers  Dr Martin Forster

Molecular Oncology  Professor Tony Ng

Tumour Biology on Therapeutic Response  Professor Barbara Pedley

Honorary and Clinical Staff

Dr Tanya Ahmed
Dr Roberto Alonzi
Professor Richard Begent
 Dr John Bridgewater
Dr Mark Gaze
Dr Neil Gillies
Dr Victoria Grandage
Professor Peter Hoskin
Dr Tahereh Kamalati
Dr Victoria Kirby
Professor Siow-Ming Lee
Mr James Lyddiard
Dr Andreas Makris
Dr Astrid Mayer
Dr Ursula Mcgovern
Dr Ruheena Mendes
Dr Andrew Nordin
Dr Oluwaseyi Omotayo
Dr Edwina Saunders
Dr Beatrice Seddon
Professor Poul Sorensen
Professor Robert Souhami
Dr Robert Stein
Dr Sandra Strauss
Dr Jeremy Whelan