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The Cancer Institute has strong links with UCL Medical School and organises and contributes to the teaching of medical students to deliver the medical curriculum. There is a comprehensive programme of undergraduate education which takes place in the 3 main areas of Oncology, Haematology and Pathology.


Oncology (Year 3 Oncology Patient Project)

Lead: Dr. Ursula McGovern


Oncology is running the Year 3 Oncology Patient Project as part of the integrated curriculum for 380 students. The project provides the opportunity to learn about the diagnosis and management of cancer patients and to gain an understanding of the patients' perspective. Students follow a cancer patient for a few months prior to writing up their experience including a particular interesting aspect of the treatment and management of the patient. To support the learning students take part in tutorials, which are supervised by oncology consultants and SpRs. Shortlisted candidates who have submitted an outstanding essay are invited to complete for the Evelyn Boesen prize by presenting their work in a viva.



Lead: Dr K Yong


Haematology provides an education program for 24-29 first year clinical students (Phase 2) ongoing throughout the academic year. This has recently been redesigned to allow students to rotate through haematology as well as ENT, Hepatology, Infection, General Medicine, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology units in the same teaching block.



Leads: Dr Shirley D'Sa & Dr J Lambert, Dr. S Harland & Dr Ursula McGovern


First year clinical students are taught a combined comprehensive programme of oncology-haematology specialities over a 7 week block 8 times throughout the year as part of the General Medical Specialties at the UCL/Bloomsbury site utilising the teaching expertise of the oncological and haematological teams within UCH. The teaching will provide 120 students with new skills in management of patients with advanced cancer.



Lead: Professor D Katz, Immunology and Molecular Pathology


Pathology runs as a “vertical” module as part the Professional Development spine and is taught through Years 1 – 5 of the MBBS programme, each successive year building upon previous modules.


Cancer Biology Module

Lead: Dr Susan Short


The Cancer Biology module runs in Year 2 of the MBBS programme and provides students with a basis of knowledge and understanding of the biological and psychological aspects of cancer. It is delivered as a one-week course to the whole of Year 2 students.


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