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Funding and Scholarship Schemes

Funding for research students is getting ever more competitive and potential students and supervisors need to be proactive in finding this funding. Supervisors should monitor charities and other groups that offer studentship funding in their particular area of expertise. Additional funding can be found from:

  1. U.K. Research Councils: MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, etc. They offer either departmental/Institutional training grants or project-specific studentships linked to priority research areas or industrial partnership schemes. Please visit their individual web pages. Additionally, the DGT, Head of Department (HoD), or UCL/Jacob Sweiry will e-mail you when studentship funding calls are made. Please liaise with the DGT or the UCL contact person for the funding call if you have questions about these schemes.

  2. CR-UK, Wellcome trust and other charities: The current trend is to fund studentships via structured programmes rather than awarding individual studentships to group leaders. As detailed for the U.K. research councils, e-mails will be circulated for funding opportunities. Additionally, the Institute has CR-UK funded studentships which are available on an annual basis. Please contact the DGT for details.

  3. UCL funding (Graduate Student Research Scholarships, Overseas Research Scholarships, DHPA awards): Outstanding candidates can be put forward for these once per year, via the DGT. The deadline is usually mid-February. Additionally, UCL provides links for other funding opportunities. Details for these studentships can be found here.

  4. Self-funded students: Please seek advice from the DGT about potential self-funded students.


Informal enquiries and general questions, to:

Graduate Tutor

Dr Julie Olszewski

Tel:+44 (0)20 7679 6911
E-mail: j.olszewski @ ucl.ac.uk