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Completing Research Status (CRS) & Thesis Submission

At the end of the PhD studentship period (3 or 4 years full time, depending on the programme), the student should normally take up ‘CRS’ status. This marks the end of the actual research and entitles the student to take up to twelve months (full time students) to submit their thesis. Student fees are not required for CRS but students have full access to UCL facilities and services during this time. CRS status is not automatically granted at the end of the studentship period, it has to be requested by the principal supervisor and agreed by the graduate tutor. Please inform the DGT straight away if the supervisor anticipates progression issues for their student.

Students should not over-run the CRS period. With effect from the start of the 2010-2011 session, a student who does not submit a thesis before the end of his or her CRS registration will cease to be registered as a student at the end of this CRS period. He or she will not be entitled to access to UCL facilities and services and will not be entitled to supervisory advice. In addition, any student who wishes to submit after the end of his or her CRS registration will require permission to do so; this must be supported by a student’s supervisor or other departmental authority. If granted, the student will be permitted to submit but will not be re-registered unless his or her department require this. Late penalty fees will also apply. Detailed information can be obtained here

Additionally, UCL and funding bodies can impose sanctions on departments with an on time submission rate below 70%.


Informal enquiries and general questions, to:

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Dr Julie Olszewski

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