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2nd Yale Cancer Center Symposium at UCL - Cruciform Building, Lecture Theatre 2 - 26th June 2012

9.00 Introduction Tom Lynch
9:10 Lieping Chen The B7-H1/PD-1 immune modulatory pathway: Basic science and cancer medicine
9.35 George Miller Reactivation of Latent EBVirus: Fishing upstream
10.00 Shrikant Mane Impact of next generation sequencing on biomedical research
10.25 Murat Gunel TBA
10.50 Benjamin Turk Substrate targeting by protein kinases
11.15 Coffee
12.00 Anees Chagpar And now for something different: Addressing heterogeneity in cancers and communities
12.25 Dan Wu New insights into signaling mechanisms for the regulation of cell migration
12.50 Ryan Jensen Purified human full-length BRCA2 stimulates RAD51-mediated recombination