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At the Cancer Institute

To contact 'Athena SWAN at the Cancer Institute' please mail us mail us.

UCL Cancer Institute Athena SWAN 'Self Assessment Team' (SAT).

Gender, Equalities and Diversity

UCLs Equalities and Diversity Strategy.

Gender Equality Policies at UCL.

Training, support and funding opportunities for Women and parents and carers at UCL: view here.

UCL staff guidance on supporting working parents and carers: view UCL web site to download the current policy.

Policies at UCL

Flexible working practices at UCL: slide presentation by Anne-Marie Howard, HR Policy Officer.

Employee benefits.

UCL Women Networking Group: Networking. Find events and follow on Twitter: Twitter @UCLWomen.

For Athena SWAN information at UCL.

Funding for Women in Science

Funding options for independent-career scientists.

Women in science.

The Daphne Jackson Trust.

Welcome Trust web: View career re-entry page.

Various Links

Women in science Nature Special.

Women in science EMBO policy.

Top 100 women: science and medicine: view here

International association of women in science.

European platform of women scientists.

European association for women in science engineering and technology.

2nd European Gender Summit. Read the manifesto created at the European Gender summit designed to "provide a forum for stakeholders from research, industry and policy to jointly explore how gendered methodologies can stimulate innovation and advance scientific excellence": read here.

Mums in science.

eLIFE: Point of view: What does it take to recruit and retain senior women faculty? read here.

Welcome to WISE - Promoting female talent in science, engineering and technology from classroom to boardroom.