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Why giving matters

Unique, dynamic and radical, UCL is the best place for philanthropy to flourish, where every penny contributes to completing the puzzle.

•With 5p you could support UCL dementia research as millions or citizens across the UK do every time they buy a carrier bag in one of the many stores that have partnered with us.

•With £20 a month you could allow UCL Centre for Access to Justice to recruit a coordinator for law students who provide pro bono advice to vulnerable citizens in East London.

•With £50k you could fund scholarships at all levels to support talented students from low-income backgrounds. 

•With millions you could push UCL research to unknown limits.

Excellence Fellowship

Excellence Fellowship

Dr Jason Rheil tells us what its like to work in UCL's Nobel Prize Incubator.

Destroying Dementia

Destroying Dementia

"Even though I see this disease on a professional level every day, I still find the stories heartbreaking,” Professor Nick Fox, Director Dementia Research Centre

“Now I am not at all afraid of my disability”

“Now I am not at all afraid of my disability”

Scholarship student Marjan Kalanaki, tells us her story.

UCL Centre for Access to Justice

UCL Centre for Access to Justice

“When I was studying law I wanted to make a difference.” Shiva Riahi (Law 2012)

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