Who We Are

Mark Sudbury
Director of Communications and Marketing Office
Kevin Wilson Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing   kevin.wilson@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel Anderson Head of Resources 09128 rachel.anderson@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Powell Resources Assistant 59066 elizabeth.powell@ucl.ac.uk
Jodi Feakes Administrative Assistant   j.feakes@ucl.ac.uk


Clare Bowerman Head of Communications 53849 c.bowerman@ucl.ac.uk
Sasha Arms Digital Engagement Manager   s.arms@ucl.ac.uk
Lara Carim
Head of Digital Communications
53847 l.carim@ucl.ac.uk
Janine Clayton Graphic Designer
Fiona Davidson Production Manager 53848 f.davidson@ucl.ac.uk
Nick Dawe Digital Media Manager 53851 nicholas.dawe@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Eagle Multimedia Producer 53850 r.eagle@ucl.ac.uk
Pete Hart Internal Communications Manager 53856 peter.hart@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel Heatley Student Communications Manager 55953 r.heatley@ucl.ac.uk
Neil Rodger Communications and Brand Manager 53854 neil.rodger@ucl.ac.uk
Benjamin Stevens
Content Producer (Editor) 53852 benjamin.stevens@ucl.ac.uk
Kilian Thayaparan Communications Officer 59063 kilian.thayaparan@ucl.ac.uk

Publications & Marketing Services

Ian Bartlett
Head of Publications & Marketing Services
53864 i.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk
John Burnett
Graduate Marketing Manager 53847 john.burnett@ucl.ac.uk
Niko van Poortvliet Multimedia Manager 58517 n.poortvliet@ucl.ac.uk
Ben Johnston
Senior Communications Officer (Web Development)
58512 b.johnston@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel Hobbs Design and Communications Manager 58366 r.hobbs@ucl.ac.uk
Katie Grocott
Senior Communications Officer (Editorial)


Jacob Pryce
Communications Officer
53819 jacob.pryce@ucl.ac.uk
Pat Newby
Communications Officer
53863 p.newby@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Skinsley
Communications Officer (Web)
53858 mark.skinsley@ucl.ac.uk
Paul Rainbow Design Coordinator 58513 p.rainbow@ucl.ac.uk

International Office

International Office

 David Stevens

 Head of International Office  (5)3857 d.stevens@ucl.ac.uk
Julie Rolls International Liaison and Recruitment Manager (5)3855 j.rolls@ucl.ac.uk
Mark Pickerill International Liaison and Recruitment Manager (Partnerships) (5)8527 m.pickerill@ucl.ac.uk
Neil Green International Liaison and Recruitment Manager (Digital Marketing) (5)3859 neil.green@ucl.ac.uk
Jamie Clarke Associate International Officer
(5)8529 jamie.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Anna Henley
Associate International Officer (5)8531 a.henley@ucl.ac.uk
Alex Craik

International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8526 a.craik@ucl.ac.uk
Arvind Vepa Internatonal Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8528 a.vepa@ucl.ac.uk

Hannah Legg

International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8530
Monika Harms
International Officer (Digital Marketing) (5)3860 m.harms@ucl.ac.uk
Jo Turner International Liaison and Recruitment Officer  (5)8522 jo.turner@ucl.ac.uk
Lesley White  International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8532 l.white@ucl.ac.uk
Lydia Harwood International Officer (Research and Analysis) (5)8525 l.harwood@ucl.ac.uk
Maral Dadourian
(maternity leave until June 2016)
International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)3862 m.dadourian@ucl.ac.uk
Panayiota Kossifos International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8521 p.kossifos@ucl.ac.uk

Sarah Plumley

Summer School Liaison & Recruitment Officer
(5)8534 s.plumley@ucl.ac.uk
Travis Edwards International Liaison and Recruitment Officer (5)8533 travis.edwards@ucl.ac.uk


Carly Schnabl Acting Head of Events 53842 c.schnabl@ucl.ac.uk
Cath Dean
Events Manager
Ami Thiara
Events Manager
53838 a.thiara@ucl.ac.uk 
Sonia Abrams
Events Manager 
53840 s.abrams@ucl.ac.uk
Emma Matthys Events Co-ordinator 53841 e.matthys@ucl.ac.uk

Media Relations

Dominique Fourniol Head of Media Relations 53843 d.fourniol@ucl.ac.uk
Harry Dayantis Media Relations Manager
53844 h.dayantis@ucl.ac.uk
Ruth Howells News Editor
53845 ruth.howells@ucl.ac.uk
Bex Caygill
Media Relations Manager 53846 r.caygill@ucl.ac.uk
Siobhan Pipa
Media Relations Assistant
James Russell Media Relations Assistant    
Jon Waldren Media Relations Manager (interim)     

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