'All UCL' email management

Email is used as one of the primary forms of communication within UCL. One of the benefits of email is that it enables broadcast messaging allowing individuals to contact groups of recipients with a single message, enabling the communication of consistent information.

The misuse of all staff/student emails can lead to important information being ignored or deleted without being processed and puts an unnecessary strain on the critical messaging infrastructure.

There are instances when all staff/student e-mail is the most appropriate form of communication and should be used. To help manage the frequency and content of the all staff e-mail channel and maximise the effectiveness of UCL-wide communication, a specific process has been created. This process is detailed below.

All UCL e-mail process

The ability to issue messages to all staff is strictly controlled via the UCL e-mail system and a specific template has been produced to provide further consistency of communication.

Only authorised requests formally submitted via the alluclmail@ucl.ac.uk email address will be reviewed for publication. The Internal Communications Manager in conjunction with the Head of Communications/Director of Communications will decide whether the message is appropriate and will arrange for the message to be issued.

Appropriate content for an ‘all ucl e-mail’

Any message should satisfy all of the following criteria. It should:

  • be a business critical message (‘urgent need to know now’ information)
  • be relevant to the majority of UCL staff/students
  • have no attached files. Additional information or context to the all ucl e-mail message should be published on the UCL website and a link should be made available in the e-mail text
  • not be a duplicate of a message previously sent to all staff/students
  • be authorised by the appropriate Vice Provost or Director
  • be issued from the all UCL e-mail template (pictured)
  • be issued via alluclmail@ucl.ac.uk.

View the ‘all ucl’ email protocol

For further information please contact Pete Hart, Internal Communications Manager, Communications and Marketing Office.

To request an all ucl email contact alluclmail@ucl.ac.uk

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