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Monday 13th April

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EDUCGE02 Researcher Professional Development

Module Leader: Dr Paul Walker

The module aims to:

  • develop participants’ conceptions of what it means to be a professional;
  • develop participants’ understanding of how professional development occurs;
  • develop participants’ ability to forward their own professional development;
  • develop participants’ abilities to learn from experience with planning, action & reflection.

By the end of the component, participants should be able to:

  • understand the meanings of professionalism and professional development;
  • know about professional development methods;
  • know how to plan and manage their own professional development and support others;
  • critically evaluate professional development needs and progress claimed, in an evidence-based case.

Dates and times

All sessions are from 10am-1pm

03/10/2014         Foster Court 114
17/10/2014         Foster Court 114
31/10/2014         Foster Court 114
14/11/2014         Foster Court 114
21/11/2014         Foster Court 114
05/12/2014         Physics A1/3

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