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Activity: Developing e-learning - reducing risks

It is often said that the increased use of learning technologies makes teaching and preparation a team, rather than an individual effort. This activity asks you to consider some of the things that might go wrong and then to consider how you and/or others can minimise the risks of this happening.

What can go wrong when you use technology in your teaching?

Work individually or in groups to fill in the table below. In the left-hand column list all the risks you can think of. Then tick or add a note in the appropriate column to show what actions – if any - are likely to reduce these risks. The table has been started with two common problems.

RISK Careful design of the learning activity Choosing the right technology Testing the technology Staff training and development Student induction or training Other(s) - specify
Equipment not working in teaching room

User guides provided for teaching rooms
Students can't log into the VLE







Review what you have written in the table and use it to draw out a list of practical tips and good practice guidelines for teachers using learning technologies.


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