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Activity: Developing e-learning - learn from the community

This is about how to access the experiences and expertise of colleagues in and beyond your institution, by joining networks, mailing lists or special interest groups, through organisations and publications that focus on e-learning.

Networks, Mailing lists and SIGs

This activity aims to raise awareness of networks that are available to university staff with an interest in (technology-enhanced) teaching and learning.

Join something! For example:

  1. A network within your own institution
  2. A mailing list: Browse or search the JISCmail lists and join one that interests you. You can always leave tomorrow if you find it is not for you
  3. A Special Interest Group (SIG). You can find SIGs on No single link will give you all possible groups but you could start with these organisations:ALT - the Association for Learning TechnologyHEA - the Higher Education AcademyACM - the Association for Computing Machinery. The JISCmail pages above may also be useful.

Monitor the activity of the group you join over a period of time – perhaps one month. Then write a brief report (300-500 words). The report should introduce the list or group you have monitored to HE teachers similar to yourself. You might want to indicate the kinds of topics discussed, list some of the most common topics, most prominent contributors, as well as giving an indication of how much traffic there is on the list. If you posted a message to the group, you could comment on the response you received.

Published Research

Find and read a research paper, project report or case study that is relevant to e-learning in your discipline and which interests you. The following is a list of starting points. However, you may if you prefer start by searching the UCL library online. You may also find that important conferences in your own discipline have an education strand with useful papers and presentations.


JISC : for example, The Tangible Benefits of e-learning Case Studies
HEA: for example, the case studies in the “First Year Student Experience through the use of Learning Technologies: booklet. Choose the one for your own discipline or a related area.


Networked Learning 2008 (UK/European)
ALT-C 2009 (UK) - quite difficult to find your way around this one
Ed-Media (US) - a very large conference covering all education sectors, not just Higher Education
ASCILITE (Australia)


These three cover a range of learning technology uses but discipline-specific journals also include relevant papers.

BJET - British Journal of Educational Technology
ALT-J - Association for Learning Technology Journal
JCAL - Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning


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