• Author(s): Dr Holly Smith, Dr Colleen McKenna, Dr Jenny Marie, Dr Rosalind Duhs, Dr Phyllis Creme, Dr Jane Hughes
  • Title: Designing the Curriculum
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Activity - Plan an Ideal Course

Choose a topic or subject that you are very interested in and would like to teach. The subject maybe something from your discipline or it may be from outside your academic work. You may also choose who you will be teaching; your ideal students. Imagine you have no resource limits at all. What is important is that you are engaged in and committed to teaching this. Make notes towards planning a short course in this subject, considering some or all of the following:

  • What is important/interesting about the subject
  • What, essentially, you want to get across
  • Who are your students
  • What you hope the students will get out of it
  • What content the course will include
  • What would be appropriate ways of teaching it
  • What would be the fairest way to assess it

You might find it helpful to do the following with a colleague. Review your notes about the ideal course and consider what issues arose, and what factors you had to take into account.

The reality of our academic practice is not this 'ideal course', and we may have many more constraints. In what ways, and why, would this ideal course be different from a course you actually teach? Can you include any of the elements from your ideal course into a course you actually teach? What are the barriers to doing so?


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