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  • Title: Assessment and feedback to students
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  • Publish Date: 6th July 2011, 12th August 2011
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Diversifying Assessment

Assessment has a strong influence on student learning. Brown (2001) and Gibbs (1999) suggest that if you want to change students’ approaches to learning, you should modify the assessment tasks you give them.

Diverse forms of assessment help students to develop skills and abilities which deepen their understanding of their subject and prepare them for work. For example, if you ask students to give a presentation which will contribute to their final grade for a module, they will probably prepare it carefully. They will need to consider their presentation skills as well as subject-based knowledge. If a group project is included in their assessment diet, they will have to adjust to the demands of the group and manage the distribution of the work, communicating effectively with their peers.

The aim of this resource is to provide:

  1. background information on less traditional assessment tasks
  2. practical advice on how the tasks can be organised.

Three annotated presentations are available. Academic developers could use them separately or as part of a series. Academic staff can draw on them to plan new forms of assessment.

The slides were designed as short, informal lunchtime ‘taster’ sessions for busy academics. Tailored consultancy was then offered to help staff to plan and introduce new assessment methods.

The sessions were interactive so that staff could share any relevant experience. There was often a lively exchange of views which enriched learning.


BROWN, G. (2001) Assessment: a guide for lecturers. Learning and Teaching Support Network Generic Series Assessment.

GIBBS, G. (1999) Using assessment strategically to change the way students learn. IN BROWN, S. & GLASNER, A. (Eds.) Assessment Matters in Higher Education: Choosing and Using Diverse Approaches. Buckingham, SRHE/Open University Press.


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