Dr Jason Davies

Senior Teaching Fellow

Email: j.p.davies@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7679 1991; Ext: 41991

Like most interdisciplinarians, I've moved across the academic spectrum publishing on history, language, literature and interdisciplinarity: teaching has also taken me to most UCL faculties. My abiding interest is in how people create and live with knowledge systems like academic disciplines.


Dr Jenny Marie

(on maternity leave December 2013 to December 2014)

Senior Teaching Fellow

Email: j.marie@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7679 8334; Ext: 48334

Jenny is Senior Teaching Fellow in CALT working with the Bartlett, Engineering Sciences and Mathematical and Physical Sciences. She joined CALT in 2005, focusing on the professional development of students. She has wide-ranging interests, including learning environments and reflective and experiential learning.

Helen Brookman

Dr Helen Brookman

Senior Teaching Fellow

Email: h.brookman@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7679 1942; Ext: 41942

Helen Brookman is a Senior Teaching Fellow in CALT. She completed her PhD in English literature at Cambridge in 2010 and was a lecturer at Oxford, teaching mostly tutorials and small classes, before moving to UCL in October 2013. She was the recipient of a Teaching Excellence Award from Oxford's Humanities Division in November 2013. Helen is currently working on a research project with Dr Liv Robinson (Brasenose College, Oxford) exploring the use of creative writing activities for learning related to the translation and interpretation of medieval English literature, thinking particularly about student disciplinary identity and the relationship between translation and critical and creative writing practices. She is enjoying exploring unfamiliar disciplinary territory in BEAMS.


Andrew Bishop

School Support Officer

Email: a.bishop@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7679 8325; Ext: 48325

Having previously worked in front-facing student offices, both undergraduate and postgraduate and across a range of disciplines, Andrew is particularly interested in the student experience and has recently been involved in research looking at student reflections on teaching and learning approaches across BEAMS.

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