UCL Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching

An Introduction to Research Student Supervision

Course Dates:

  • 15th Jan 2015 from 2pm-4pm
  • 13th May 2015 from 10am-12noon



Session Speakers:

Professor David Bogle - Pro-Provost of the Doctoral School
David Ashton - Director of Student Administration
Daniela Bultoc - Doctoral Skills Development Programme Manager
Professor Mike Ewing - Dean of Chemistry
Professor Stephen Hart - Centre for Intercultural Studies 

Course Outline:

This session is mandatory for all members of academic staff wishing to be appointed as Supervisors at UCL as well as new members of academic staff with experience of research supervision at other institutions. It is run by the Doctoral School and provides an introduction to UCL’s Regulations and Code of Practice; Doctoral School Support; UCL Procedures; Skills Development Requirements and Programme; Research Student Log; Factors for Successful Supervision; and Further Research Supervision Training.

Additional Information:

Please note that this course is a prerequisite to enrolment on all other courses about research supervision including the session Effective Research Supervision at UCL (one-day workshop)

Eligibility & Registration:

This workshop is available to academic staff at UCL, honorary staff, associate staff and intercollegiate staff from University of London and partnership organisations acting as Supervisors at UCL. 

If you are not employed by UCL and wish to register you must book your training as an External Candidate (this link will take you to the edit profile page for the Single Training Booking System, where you must register your details before you can register for the session). 

This session runs three times a year.

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