The Art of Teaching: Theatre Techniques for the Classroom

Summer term dates

July 16th 2014 from 10am-4pm

July 21st 2014 from 10am-4pm

Course Leader

Professor Jo Tomalin, Theatre Arts Department, San Francisco State University

Theatre training is not only for actors, but it is also of great value to everyone - especially to those who require confidence and effective communication skills in order to give presentations, lectures, or speeches. The practical and theoretical theatre experiences in this workshop also provide introductory tools to develop creative teaching strategies that encourage student participation and, as a result, enhance the learning experience.

This one-day workshop is designed for UCL Staff and will cover:

1. Voice skills that will enhance your communication skills - such as how to warm up, project, and use your voice effectively.

2. Body language skills that will improve your presence and awareness of how body language affects the audience.

3. Storytelling and improvisation techniques to develop spontaneity, and to stimulate ideas for creative teaching and learning activities.

4. Discussion about active learning strategies to motivate students and increase class participation.

The workshop includes a combination of mini lecture, active participation and discussion in a supportive environment.

July 24th 2014 from 10am - 4pm

'More Techniques for the Classroom'

An additional day for participants of either July 16th or 21st workshops who want to have more practice applying the techniques from the first Workshop. This workshop can also be a 'standalone' session although priority will be given to those registering for two sessions.

Register for July 24th 2014 from 10am-4pm

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