Our article "Metal-Free, Hydroacylation of C=C and N=N bonds via aerobic C-H activation of aldehydes, and reaction of the products thereof" in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry has been highlighted in Wiley-VCH's ChemInform Abstracts.

Check out the Caddick Research Group Blog for a review of our publications in 2013.

New publications:

We have just had an article "A rapid, site-selective and efficient route to the dual modification of DARPins" accepted for publication in Chemical Communications, check out our publication pages for more information.

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We provide an environment which encourages widespread collaboration, challenging research problems, the free expression of scientific ideas and creativity, and an appetite to ask provocative, stimulating and important research questions. Our community has the confidence to pursue fundamental long-term research problems or focused research for specific applications, particularly in the area of therapeutic innovation. 

We welcome researchers with a deep and long term commitment to research and innovation and a passion and enthusiasm to work on some of the most difficult and high impact problems in contemporary organic chemistry and chemical biology. More information can be found on our research pages

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