Image of the Month

Image of the Month


Photoacoustic imaging from CABI on the front cover of nature photonics. Click the image to read the article.

Facility Booking

If you are a first time user, please read the Collaboration page.

Otherwise, please contact the respective members of staff to book facilities: 

For the 9.4T MRI scanner, please contact Dr Jack Wells;

For the 1T MRI scanner, please contact Dr Bernard Siow;

For the SPECT/CT scanner, please contact Dr Adam Badar;

For the PET/CT scanner, please contact Dr Adam Badar;

For bioluminescence facilities, please contact Dr Amit Jathoul;

For in vivo facilities including the surgery theatre, please contact Valerie Taylor;

For ultrasound, please contact Dr Daniel Stuckey.

For OPT, please contact Angela d’Esposito.

Calendars for availability of the facilities (restricted access).

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