Image of the Month

Image of the Month

Biology Week 2012

Become an Imaging Scientist!

For an amazing insight into the inside of things, open to amateur and jobbing scientists alike!

This summer CABI is running a competition for the Society of Biology's 'Biology Week', ready to hand out £1000 worth of free MRI scanning to the top 5 ideas for imaging experiments.

To help you kick start your brainstorming, here is an example: in the past we have made use of our high resolution MRI scanner, which allows us to peer inside tiny objects and produce images with exquisite detail, to find out about the internal structures of bumble bees (see picture on the right).

So if you have a burning question on your mind which you reckon could be answered by imaging, please tell us about it. This small first step may well lead you onto an exciting scientific journey, free of charge!

Closing date: Friday 31st August 2012


MRI scan of a bumble bee

Objects to be imaged must be non-magnetic and under 3cm in diameter. Things with a high water content will scan the best. Other than that, your imagination is our limit!

CABI's Katy Ordidge will be writing a blog about the competition and how the MRI scanning of the objects goes. Winners will be chosen by a panel of experts from CABI and the Society of Biology.

Tweet or post your ideas here: facebook_logo_small

Or contact Society of Biology's Media Relations Officer: Dr Rebecca Nesbit


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