Tumour proteostasis

A new class of anti-cancer agent named proteosome inhibitors function by disrupting the breakdown of protein in tumour cells. The accumulation of protein in tumour cells becomes toxic and causes the cell eventually to die. Using a technique named amide proton transfer (APT) MRI we can measure the accumulation of protein in the cell, which is quantified using a mathematical model that incorporates changes in cell pH (measured using 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy). This can then be used to confirm whether the proteosome inhibitor is working effectively in individual tumours. This project is run in collaboration with Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

EXPRESS spectrum

Associated publications:

Walker-Samuel S, Peter Johnson S, Pedley B, Lythgoe MF, Golay X. Extracranial measurements of amide proton transfer using exchange-modulated point-resolved spectroscopy (EXPRESS). NMR Biomed 2011. [link]

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