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Image of the Month


Photoacoustic imaging from CABI on the front cover of nature photonics. Click the image to read the article.


Visualsonics Vevo 2100


All info from VS website

Ultrasound with high image quality, increased frame rates, superb contrast, unrivalled resolution and a wide field of view. The system is easy to use, non-invasive and fast, providing extremely high throughput when needed.



Imaging modes

  • Superb B-Mode (2D) imaging for anatomical visualization and quantification, with enhanced temporal resolution with frame rates up to 740 fps (in 2D for a 4x4 mm FOV), and enhanced image uniformity with multiple focal zones
  • M-Mode for visualization and quantification of wall motion in cardiovascular research, single line acquisition allows for the very high-temporal (1000 fps) resolution necessary for analysis of LV function
M-Mode image of mouse left ventricle
  • Anatomical M-Mode for adjustable anatomical orientation in reconstructed M-Mode imaging; software automatically optimizes field of view for maximum frame rate
  • Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode (PW) for quantification of blood flow
  • Color Doppler Mode for detection of  blood vessels including flow directional information and mean velocities; as well as for identification of small vessels not visible in B-Mode
Color Doppler imaging in the mouse spleen
  • Power Doppler Mode for detection and quantification of blood flow in small vessels not visible in B-Mode; increased frame rates allow for significantly faster data acquisition
  • 3D-Mode Imaging for anatomical and vascular visualization, when combined with either B-Mode, Power Doppler Mode or Nonlinear Contrast Imaging; allows for quantification of volume and vascularity within a defined anatomical structure
3D B-Mode imaging of orthotopic hepatoma tumor. Dark blue tumor volume. Light blue liver, Orange kidney


  • MS550D 22–55 MHzCardiac, Abdominal, Embryo, Vascular, Tumors (< 14mm)
  • MS700 30–70 MHzEpidermal Imaging, Superficial Tissue, Subcutaneous Tumors (< 9mm), Vascular, Ophthalmology  

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