Image of the Month!

Image of the Month

Image of the Month

Every month we'll publish a new image taken by CABI researchers. Can you guess what it is?

Image of the Week

WHAT: Muscle fibers of the heart

SIZE: Each thread is about 100 microns in diameter

IMAGE: Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DT-MRI) 3D data set tracing muscle fibre orientation throughout the whole heart.

HOW: Using the restricted diffusion of water molecules within muscle cells we can sensitise the magnetic resonance signal to the orientation of the cell. This is because muscle cells are primarily orientated in a single direction - a property known as anisotropy.

USE: The structure/function relationship in the heart is highly interrelated. Any changes in muscle orientation strongly influence the cardiac output. Knowledge of fiber orientation therefore is a good indicator for cardiac therapy.

WHO: Laurence Jackson


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