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Image of the Month


Photoacoustic imaging from CABI on the front cover of nature photonics. Click the image to read the article.

Image of the Month

Every month we'll publish a new image taken by CABI researchers. Can you guess what it is?


WHAT: Cross section of an LS174T colorectal carcinoma xenograft

SIZE: Approx. 10mm in diameter

IMAGE: Multi-channel fluorescence microscopy (16352x14290 pixels)

USE: Hoechst 33342 (blue) is a perfusion marker which shows the area of perfused blood vessels in the tumour at the time of injection (i.v.). 

CD31 (red) is a marker of endothelial cells, it stains the blood vessels. Upon appropriate thresholding to eliminate background signal, tumour vascular density and perfusion fraction can be quantified. This represents a valuable assessment for comparing the characteristics of different tumour types, or to assess the evolution of the tumour microenvironment upon antiangiogenic therapy, for example.

WHO: Miguel Gonçalves

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