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Image of the Month

Every month we'll publish a new image taken by CABI researchers. Can you guess what it is?

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WHAT: Mouse Brain Image Registration

SIZE: Brain is appoximately 1.5cm long

IMAGE: High field magnetic resonance imaging data

HOW: Four MRI images of mouse brains: 1-3 are transverse (or 'top-down') views; 4 is sagittal ('side-on'). Each is a combined image - an average of many different mouse brains. Each brain has a slightly different shape. We have overlaid a colour scheme which represents the mean distance each pixel in the image had to move to reach this final average shape (the scale is different in each image 1-4, but broadly: deep blue is low; deep red is high: the 'Jet' colour scheme). To do this, we use an image manipulation technique known as 'registration'.

The colour scale in (1) has been adjusted to highlight subtle changes within the brain (deep red represents about 0.01mm). In (2), we can see that regions outside the brain are most affected (above the olfactory bulbs, and below the cerebellum), as well as the lateral ventricles. In (3) and (4), we can see the relative drawbacks of scanning brains after manually extracting them from the skull: the olfactory bulbs have undergone large deformations (here, deep red represents about 0.15mm).

USE: This information is useful when comparing genetic mutant mice, or mouse models of disease (such as Alzheimer's): we can tell which parts of the brain are most affected, and follow disease progression or mouse development. This is important for genetic phenotyping efforts, as well as for the preclinical stages of drug development.

WHO: Nick Powell

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