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Mazzini Garibaldi Club

Also known as La Fondazione Mazzini Garibaldi/Mazzini Garibaldi Charitable Foundation


It was founded in 1864 as a social centre for expatriate Italians

The club finally closed its premises in 2008, but continues to exist as a charity, La Fondazione Mazzini Garibaldi, aimed at improving the education of the Italian community in the UK; see ‘Il Mazzini Garibaldi Club si trasforma in Charitable Foundation’, La Notizia (Wimbledon), April–May 2009

What was reforming about it?

It was an important focus for Italian expatriate activity in its early years in particular

Where in Bloomsbury

Originally in Farrington Road and then Laystall Street, it moved to 51 Red Lion Street in 1932

Website of current institution

The Mazzini Garibaldi Charitable Foundation does not have a website; its postal address is still in Bloomsbury, at 4 Bedford Row

Books about it

None found


The Club had a collection of artefacts and other material which continues to be held by the Foundation

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