UCL Biochemical Engineers are sought by all sectors of the biotechnology industries including those with interests in pharmaceuticals, foods and the environment. New graduate biochemical engineers are able to fulfil their individual aspirations and help to create safe and environmentally acceptable products. Their vital contribution to the national wealth helps to create the healthy economy that underpins a caring community.

However, just because you study engineering doesn’t mean you have to work as an engineer. The skills you develop in an engineering degree are highly sought after across a wide range of career paths such as management consulting and finance. Because UCL Biochemical Engineers are taught to think systematically and to calculate precisely, some graduates enter the financial sector and particularly those companies that invest in healthcare. With such large amounts of money at stake in the creation of each new medicine, well informed investment decisions in the industry are a crucial responsibility.

The UK biotechnology industry is the leader in Europe, and second only to the USA, a fact acknowledged by the level of support from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR). The biotechnology industry has an excellent record of investment, to ensure it stays at the cutting edge. This is not only in equipment and facilities but also in the people it employs.

On graduation, you will not only have a strong grounding in the fundamentals and application of your discipline, but also transferable leadership, teamwork and communication skills and the ability to work flexibly, creatively and internationally.

Whatever they do, the majority of our graduates take up work at a graduate level and are well compensated for their effort. For more in depth information, click here:

The Engineering Faculty employs a team of dedicated careers specialists to organise careers events, build relationships with employers and offer CV and interview advice specifically tailored for students within Engineering. Each department also has a designated Careers Liaison Tutor who will be looking out for discipline-specific opportunities for their students. It’s a good idea to start thinking about your future career early: when you enrol, register with and take advantage of all of the opportunities as they come up.

For student destination profiles view the Global Careers Opportunities flyer in your chosen language. 

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