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What do you gain by employing a UCL Biochemical Engineering student?

Are you interested in working with our students? We want to give our students the opportunity to experience working in industry early in their career: for several years we have successfully run a Year in Industry programme; many of our students take up opportunities for a summer project in bioprocessing or a related fields, and our graduates are in demand by a wide range of biotech industries. Working with our students is a great way to intensify your 

What do you gain by employing a UCL Biochemical Engineering student?

Regardless of at what stage the student joins your team all have a wide range of expert and soft skills. Working with our students has several advantages for you:

  • Our undergraduate students are already educated to a high level in biochemical engineering and have a good knowledge of the underlying disciplines, as well as being equipped with analytical and team working skills.
  • Our recent graduates hold degrees accredited by IChemE and are also trained to work in the wider chemical and process industries. They are highly motivated and keen to make a contribution to your company.
  • The emphasis on new technologies in our teaching means that our students can add their knowledge of these technologies to your team.
  • Many companies are using their pool of placement students for recruitment purposes. By working with our undergraduate students for a full year or just a few months during summer you get to know the student and the student get to know you. Our new MEng with a Year in Industry stream in the final year allows for a smooth transition from studies to work life.
  • UCL Biochemical Engineering maintains strong links with industry and your company might be already working with us. Hiring our undergraduate students and graduates is an opportunity to build and strengthen ties with us.
Year In Industry: Are you interested in hosting an under graduate student for a year in his/ her final year of studies?
Summer Placements: Do you want to give a student the opportunity to gain experience over the summer?
Master Projects: Would you like to get involved in our Masters students’ research projects?