Biochemical Engineering


Dr Olotu Ogonah

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Dr Olotu Ogonah


  • Ph. D., Chemical Engineering - Biochemical Engineering and Cell Biology, Cornell University
  • M.S., Biochemical Engineering, Cornell University
  • B.E., Chemical Engineering, City College of the City University of New York

Research interests

My Primary area of interest is in Bioprocess optimization (both upstream and downstream), focusing on the translation/conversion of small and laboratory scale experiments to large-scale processes suitable for transfer to GMP manufacturing facilities. An array of biochemical engineering tools such as  process analytic technologies (PAT), statistical analytical tools (i.e. Univariate and Multivariate data analysis), and the use of process insight and knowledge, are used to take the data acquired in the laboratory and create  highly controlled and productive manufacturing systems. Examples of the types of projects  I have applied these techniques  to includes  the development of large scale mammalian fermentation processes optimized for maximum product yield and/or high product quality, and  the conversion of  small scale viral vaccine purification protocols to a  scalable process suitable for GMP manufacturing.

Dr Olotu Ogonah

Dr Olotu Ogonah


  • Research Associate
    Dept of Biochemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering Science

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