Biochemical Engineering


Dr Maria Bawn

Post-doctoral Research Associate


  • BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Northumbria university
  • PhD in Molecular Biology at Northumbria University

Research interests

With Prof. John Ward and Prof. Helen Hailes, I am working on the project “Bio-derived feedstocks for sustainable, UK-based manufacture of pharmaceuticals and their intermediates” using sugar beet pulp as feedstock. I am investigating the production of value-added chemicals from different monosaccharides from sugar beet pulp using biocatalysis. Furthermore, using principles of synthetic biology, I hope to engineer a host organism to synthesise the desired product from sugar beet pulp in a single integrated process.


Qi Y, Bawn M, Duncan R, Lloyd R, Finnigan J, Black G, Charnock S. A rapid, inexpensive and colorimetric high-throughput assay format for the screening commercial ketoreductase panels, providing indication of substrate scope, co-factor specificity and enantioselectivity. Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 3. (Wiley, West Sussex 2016). Pp. 266-276

Dr Maria Bawn

Dr Maria Bawn



  • Research Associate
    Dept of Biochemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL