Dr Brian O'Sullivan

Manager, Microscale Bioprocessing

Roles and Responsibilities


As manager of Microscale Bioprocessing, Brian provides technical support for all microfluidics researchers in the department, and running regular group discussion sessions

Brian also manages the Department’s automation facilities, which include six TECAN liquid-handling platforms, organising workshops, forums and in-house training for researchers in this field.

Brian is the Departmental Safety Officer, responsible for day-to-day safety management in the department, organising regular safety inductions for newcomers, and delivering basic safety training.

Brian also manages building projects in the ACBE, minimising disruption and ensuring that research facilities are not compromised.

Research Interests

Brian’s research interests lie in the area of microfluidics – the study of flows in very small channel networks, and the exploitation of the unusual fluid properties on that scale. He has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices in glass and polymers, for applications in chemistry, chemical engineering and biochemical engineering.

He is particularly interested in the development of integrated chemo-enzymatic microfluidic reactors for the synthesis of commercially useful compounds.

Teaching and Training Activities

In addition to general training in microfluidic fabrication techniques and applications, Brian is the course co-ordinator for

  • BENGGP11: “Microfluidic and Analytical Tools for Synthetic Biology”  (an intensive training course for first-year postgraduate researchers)

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