Dr Yuhong Zhou


Chair of the Postgraduate Staff–Student Consultative Committee

Dr Yuhong Zhou
  • Research Fellow, then Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London (1994-1999)
  • Assistant Professor, Lecturer at Shenyang Institute of Technology (1986-1990)

Teaching and Training Activities

Yuhong’s teaching activities span all years of the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the department. These include Computer-Aided Bioprocess Engineering, Monitoring and Control in Fermentation Processes (in Biochemical Reactor Engineering), Mass Balance in Primary Recovery (in Introduction to Biochemical Engineering) and Integrated Biochemical Engineering Design. She also co-ordinates a wide range of practicals training activities in the department. She is the module leader for MBI Primary Recovery module.

Together with Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker she is responsible for managing the progress of all doctoral programmes in the department.

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