Dr Martina Micheletti

Senior Lecturer

Chair of the Teaching Committee

  • Dr Martina Micheletti

    Research Associate, King’s College London (2004)

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University College London (2004-2007)
  • Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers

Teaching and Training Activities

Martina lectures on aspects of fluid flow and process automation at all levels. In relation to the Undergraduate programme these include Introduction to Biochemical Engineering and Fluid Flow and Mixing in Bioprocesses. She is also the coordinator of the second Year Undergraduate Pilot Plant Week activities and of postgraduate Pilot Plant Project training module. At the Masters and post-experience level she teaches aspects of Integrated Downstream Processing and on two of the department's post-experienceMBI® training modules, Rapid Fermentation Process Design and Challenges and Opportunities in Industrial Biotechnology. Martina has recently received the ExxonMobil Excellence in teachign Award for her contribution to the teaching of engineering practice and for innovation work on assessment of individuals in team-based activities.

In terms of administrative roles Martina is assuming responsibility for the MEng Biochemical Engineering with Study Abroad degree programme and is tutor to students studying at European and Overseas Universities. She has recently led the departmental team working on the Scientific Women in Academia Network (SWAN) application which won the department a Silver Award for advancing gender equality practice in 2011.

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