Professor Gary Lye

Professor of Biochemical Engineering

Head of The Department of Biochemical Engineering

  • Director of Industrial Doctoral Training Centre (IDTC) for Bioprocessing Engineering Leadership

Teaching and Training Activities

Gary’s current teaching activities span all years of the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes operated by the Department. These include Introduction to Biochemical Engineering, Integrated Downstream Processing, and Design and Control of Biochemical Reactors. He also co-ordinates and teaches on a number of the department's post-experience MBI® training modules covering aspects of fermentation, downstream processing and biocatalysis and industrial biotechnology. Recent BBSRC Modular Training for Industry grants helped establish a new MBI® modules on Design of Experiments for Bioprocess Optimisation and Vaccine Bioprocessing.

In terms of administrative roles Gary is coordinator of the MSc Biochemical Engineering programme which also receives BBSRC support in the form of a Masters Training Grant. He is also tutor to final-year MEng students. A particular focus of the latter role is a drive to increase the internationalisation of student learning via the development of study abroad programmes (shared with Frank Baganz and Martina Micheletti).

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