Professor Michael Hoare

Professor of Biochemical Engineering
Professor Mike Hoare
  • Fellow of Institution of Chemical Engineers (1990)
  • Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng) (1997)
  • Fellow of UCL (2001)
  • Director, EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre for Bioprocessing, UCL (2002-2007)
  • Donald Medal for contributions to Biochemical Engineering, IChemE (2003)
  • Member of DTI/DoH Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team (BIGT) panel reporting on bioprocessing and biomanufacturing “Bioscience 2015 – Improving National Health, Increasing National Wealth” (2003-2004)
  • Chairman, EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre for Bioprocessing, UCL (2007-)
  • Member of BERR Bioscience Innovation and Growth Team (BIGT) Review and Refresh Senior Working Group – Chair Sir David Cooksey (2008-2009)
  • Review panel chair of AIBN BioNanotechnology and Cell Processing,Australia,2010
  • Editorial Board Member Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2009-)
  • Dunnill award for outstanding contribution to UK bioprocessing,bioProcessUK (2011)

Teaching and Training Activities

Mike’s current teaching focuses on addressing the issues which underlie the safe, reliable and cost effective preparation of biopharmaceuticals; that is, the development of so–called validated bioprocesses. This builds on the biochemical engineering skills already acquired by student groups at all levels, undergraduates, postgraduates, research scientists and engineers and also industrial delegates. Case studies and workshops are used to address some of the most challenging problems facing an industry seeking to make available next generation therapies and how research deliverables out of programmes such as IMRCBiCE and Human Cell Therapy bioprocessing might help deal with these problems in the future.

This activity builds on the teaching activities of all of the academic staff and industrial expert contributors via the MBI® programme to biochemical engineering teaching including Mike’s own activities in design of: aspects of bioreactors (the heat transfer challenge); early recovery processes especially fractional precipitation and centrifugation; final product preservation via spray or freeze drying.

Mike is also delighted to be included in the panels of experts to help judge and provide feedback on the bioprocess enterprise presentations (Dr Eli Keshavarz–Moore and Dr Bill Hornby); the design study displays (Dr Suzanne FaridDr Farlan VeraitchDr Dan Bracewell); and the whole bioprocess experimental studies (Dr Dan Bracewell and Dr Martina Micheletti).

Most recently Mike has taken up the challenge of pioneering the translation of ultra scale-down technologies into the undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research and postexperience teaching programmes allowing the early syudy of the challenges of processing of next generation materials including mammalian cell, high cell density rec E.coli and human cell suspensions. HEIF and industrial club and EPSRC knowledge transfer funding are all supporting this venture.

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