Principles of Fermentation Processes

Focusing on how to specify the process and how to determine its economic feasibility

5-7 October 2015

‘Principles of Fermentation Processes’ will strengthen your knowledge of fermentation processes, and through a series of lectures, case studies and a pilot plant visit, will enable you to:

  • Define different modes of fermentation and know their limitations.
  • Develop a suitable medium and perform a material balance.
  • Interpret fermentation data and use it effectively.
  • Characterise the kinetics of cell growth and how they apply to different cell systems.
  • Determine fermentation productivity and yields.
  • Learn about new developments in fermentation technology (single use bioreactors)
  • Develop a strategy for fermentation process development.

The module consists of lectures from industrial and academic experts, and interactive problem-solving case studies performed in small groups for effective learning.

Who should attend?

This module is suitable for scientists and engineers who wish to familiarise themselves with fermentation processes and those who wish to build underlying principles into their operational expertise in areas of:

  • Research
  • Process Development
  • Manufacturing


Day 1

• Introduction to module
• Evaluation of different expression systems
• How upstream can help ease overall processing
• Fermentation mass balancing I
• Biomass growth kinetics I
• Fermentation mass balancing II
• Biomass growth kinetics II

Day 2

• Case study: growth kinetics
• Case study: mass balancing
• Introduction to animal cell culture
• Different modes of fermentation
• Fermenter productivity and operating economics
• Case study: fermentation simulation

Day 3

• Disposable bioreactor technologies: engineering characterisation and applications
• Case study: microbial media development
• Present and future Fermentation trends
• Module round-up and close

Teaching Staff

Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore, UCL - Module Leader
Dr Frank Baganz, UCL - Module Leader
Prof Gary Lye, UCL
Dr James Mills, Cantabio
Dr Martina Micheletti, UCL
Dr Farlan Veraitch, UCL

A networking dinner will be held on the first evening.

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