Current Challenges in Mammalian Cell Processing

Industrial platforms, Underpinning bioscience, Novel technologies

25-27 January 2016

Mammalian cells have become the workhorse of the biotech industry due to their ability to produce of functional complex macromolecules at scale. The new Whole Bioprocessing of Mammalian Cell Products MBI® module is a three day course designed specifically for the wide range of professions now working in this field.

The course gives delegates a unique insight into platform technologies developed by world leaders in the field such as Lonza Biologics, MedImmune and Life Technologies.  Delegates will be encouraged to consider mammalian cell culture processes as whole rather than individual operations in isolation. For example, talks will explore how upstream process development affects downstream processing, the challenges associated with product analysis, Quality by Design (QbD) and process economics.

Talks from internationally renowned academics will discuss the underpinning bioscience and novel technologies  currently in development to meet future demand.

There will also be the opportunity to interact with UCL’s extensive macromolecular research program ( with particular focus on our new and unique single-use facility.   Talks, tours and networking opportunities are supplemented with an interactive industryled case study which puts delegates in a real-life process development scenario.

Who should attend?

The course is particularly useful given the highly interdisciplinary  nature of the field. Busy delegates from a wide variety of backgrounds will be given the opportunity to step  back and understand the history behind the current state of the art: robust, efficient and defined production processes. Molecular biologists, process engineers, cell biologists, analytical scientists, project managers and chief scientific  officers are just a few of the professionals that will benefit from the opportunity to shed light on many of the specialised approaches which have become embedded within the industry.


Day 1

• Historic overview of the field
• Cell line development
• Process development
• Fundamentals of largescale production

Day 2

• Case study: from development to production
• Developing highly productive production processes
• Medium and feeding strategies
• Scale down approach for bioprocess development
• Singe-use processing technologies

Day 3

• Tour of single use facility
• What can fundamental cell biology contribute to mammalian cell bioprocessing?
• The impact of upstream processing on downstream processing
• Quality by design
• Process economics

Teaching Staff

Dr Farlan Veraitch, UCL - Module Leader
Prof John Birch, Independent Consultant

Invited Expert Speakers

Suzanne Aldington, Lonza Biologics
Lee Allen, Lonza Biologics
John Birch, Independent Consultant
Sarah Dunn, MedImmune
Grant Grieve, Fujifilm
Colin Jaques, Lonza Biologics
Graham McCrest, Fujifilm 
Mark Smales, University of Kent
Martin Smith, Lonza Biologics
Juan Martinez, Sartorius
Susan Turolla, Sartorius

Module cost TBC.

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